Learning how to memorize scriptures can help us grow our faith in Christ. So, I ask the top Christian bloggers to share their best scripture memorization tips.

Let’s discover their wisdom.


Jana Carlson

Jana Carlson, Wield The Word

Repetition and consistency are key. Regardless of what method (or methods) you use, it will be more effective if you develop a habit of working on your scripture memory.

That review can be done anywhere and in as much or as little time as you have. I often review as I’m falling asleep, first thing when I wake up in the morning before getting out of bed, or while driving or standing in line somewhere. The rewards are priceless.


Sara Borgstede

Sara Borgstede, The Holy Mess

I write Bible verses on note cards and post them in places where I will see them throughout my day. I put a card on my mirror so I see it in the morning, one on the inside of my kitchen cabinets, one in my day planner, and even one on the dashboard of my car. My kids see these cards and it helps with their Bible memory work, too.


Caroline Frederick

Carolina Frederick, Our Kingdom Culture

The method I use to memorize scripture is this: I write the scripture down on post-it notes and I place it around the house. I try to keep in places where I can see it, for example, the refrigerator, my bathroom mirror, on top of my Bible, pantry door, etc

Every time I see it, I read it 3 times and I meditate on it.


Elaine Goddard

Elaine Goddard, On the Highway 2 Him

In my youth, I was a Bible Quiz kid. During that time scripture memorization was all about accuracy and knowledge. I used the techniques of writing out the scripture and flash cards to be able to ‘finish the verse and give the reference.’

Now, I memorize scripture to hide God’s word in my heart and to know Him better. I use the Memory Scripture App typing the first letter of each word to learn verses and maintain accuracy. But spending time praying God’s word, meditating on the meaning, and Bible journaling (or drawing) the significant words within the passage is how I give space to know God and allow the Holy Spirit to transform my inner being.


Wendy Wallace

Wendy, One Exceptional Life

As a former Sunday school teacher to young people, we used to write out the scriptures on the board, then erase words in order to repeat the verse without those words.

Today, I have found a free app called Bible Memory to work in a similar way, only in reverse.You type the 1st letter of each word in the sentence and it brings the whole Scripture to life.It’s 3 step process, (type, memorize, master) has been a great help in learning more Scriptures.Plus it offers a daily review of my verses.I highly recommend it.


Boma Somiari

Boma Somiari, The April Journal

My most actionable Bible memorization tip would be to first understand the passage of Scripture you want to memorize. I’ve found this very helpful.

Usually, I think about passage; what it means, how it applies to me… things like that. Then I write the passage down, and try meditate on it as I go about my day.


Shanique, Rock Solid Faith

When it comes to memorizing scripture, I find mapping it to music a great way to learn and recall the scripture verse. Index Cards are also your best friend, write your verse on a couple index cards and place it visibly in rooms you visit frequently. By the end of the week, you would have effortlessly learned the Bible verse.


Danell Steffen, Faith Plus Family

I love using the Bible Memory App, and it has review built right in. I don’t feel like a passage is really written in my long term memory until I have reviewed it for a year! Each day as part of my quiet time, I review my passages for the day, different passages are assigned to each day of the week until I have reviewed them once a week for one year.


Jill Mcllreavy

Jill McIlreavy, Mustard Seed Living Blog

Three easy, and most impactful steps for me personally, are these:

  • Read the scripture in its proper context, (so that I have a better understanding of its meaning)
  • Read it several times, preferably out loud, slowly and in small portions. Mulling over / meditating on each section, until it starts to ‘sink in’.
  • Pray it: I pray using the words of the scripture as the basis for my prayer.

For example, Romans 8:28 “ “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Praying it would go something like this: Thank you Father that I am called according to your purpose. That you love me and I love you. And that I can KNOW with certainty that you will always cause everything, not just some things, but ALL things, to work together for good.


Sue Moore Donaldson

Sue Donaldson, Welcome Heart

I read the verse aloud the same number of times as the number of words in the verse, AND each time I read it, I emphasize the next word. By the time I finish, I’ve memorized it.

It only sticks however, when I repeat 3 – 4 x a week after having once memorized it. It also helps to listen to the passage on my phone while walking, etc. I prefer sections up to 17 verses. For some reason, I can’t get past 17. Currently working through John 15:1-17.


Julia Parker

Julie Parker, Hot, Holy & Humorous

I actually did a whole year of posts about memorizing scripture. In one of those posts, I shared this favorite tip:

Grab a stack of Post-It notes, write the scripture on several sheets, and adhere them around your house wherever you’re likely to see them most. Your bathroom mirror, your chest of drawers, above the TV screen, the back door, your desk—any place you frequently come across. Make a point to read the scripture each time you see its Post-It note. Throughout the week, you’ll end up saying the verse many times in your head, helping you commit it to memory.



Melissa McLaughlin

Melissa McLaughlin, Truthful Grace

Two methods of scripture memorization that have worked best for me are:

  1. Write a scripture on a slip of paper. Post it in your place of prayer. Read aloud that scripture EVERY day, then pray to reflect the meaning of that verse as part of your daily prayers.
  2. Sing a scripture song. Many scriptures are set to music and you can look one up to sing along. Or make up a simple tune yourself and sing it every day until it is locked in your memory.

Both of these strategies take around 30 days for me.

But Christ is worth it.


Christine Hope, Take The Leap

What works best for me is not going to be what works best for you, or your readers, or anyone else. I personally find that writing scripture is hugely helpful for me.

That being said, my most actionable piece of advice in this area is to figure out your “why.” Why should you to memorize scripture? We are commanded to “write scripture on our hearts” (Deut. 11:18), but sometimes the command isn’t enough of a reason. If that’s the case, I recommend reading Ephesians 6 (about the armor of God) and Matthew 4 (Jesus tempted in the desert) to build a case for memorizing scripture as our only offensive weapon against the Prince of the Air.

I have a post with tips on how to memorize scripture, which you can find here. I think it would be a good one to link back to in your post.


Susan Nelson

Susan Nelson, Woman of Noble Character

When memorizing scripture, I do several things.  Read it multiple times. Write it on an index card and post it on my desk and try to sing it over and over again.  Using all of these methods helps me to memorize scripture using several learning modalities and I’m sure to remember it that way.  Of course, then God will pop the verse into my head at just the right time!


Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler, Forever Beloved

I would say when it comes to bible scripture memorization, the thing that helps me is to write them out.I’ve always learned best by writing and repetition.Most recently I’ve also added bible journaling into my scripture memorization routine.I love that it helps me remember scripture and also gives me an artistic outlet.


Brianna Martin

Brianna Martin, Disciple Mama

I think my most actionable tip is to turn scriptures into simple songs!

When I’m helping my kids memorize verses, I put the words to simple tunes and we try to sing them together every once in a while throughout the day.


Brandyn Miller

Brandyn Miller

My biggest tip is to memorize within context. Often we choose a verse or two to memorize because it sounds nice or fits a theme. A big assignment I had in my undergrad studies was to memorize 40 verses all in order. This assignment was designed to help us memorize but also helped us understand the full picture of what we were memorizing. While there are some practical steps like write it down, repeat it, or quiz yourself I think a bigger advantage for the long term will be to memorize larger sections at a time.


Terri Kirby

Terri Kirby, Little Mama of Faith

What I do when I read a Scripture verse I really want to keep for future reference (and to lean on when needed emotionally or spiritually) is to handwrite or type and print the verse to post on a bulletin board, at my desk, on my refrigerator, or in my purse. I’m not sure that’s necessarily what you’re looking for, but that’s how I “remember” treasured verses. 🙂


Angie Resounding Love

Angie, Resounding His Love

I’d start with a scripture that speaks directly to the individual personally.

Secondly, write it down and carry it on a notecard, notebook, or my personable favorite is using The Bible Memory App. It has a way of tracking memorization slowly at your pace. My biggest advice would be start younger when you’re memory is fresh and you’ll have more scriptures of truth when you need it most to fight off Satan’s attacks on the mind.


Lillian Stevens, Hey Creative Sister

I’d say my most helpful tip is writing down scriptures on index cards and learning them phrase by phrase in your down time.  Repetition is a great tool.  Also writing Scriptures down on a post it note and putting it where you’ll see it first thing in the morning.  (on the mirror for instance)  Another good idea is to set your alarm to help you to recite daily first thing when you get up and when you go to bed. 


Carol Round

Carol Round

I write the scripture I want to memorize on two 3 x 5 index cards. One is stuck in my Bible where I can go over it each morning when I spend time with the Lord.

The second card is posted in a place where I can see it often during the day and week, usually on the end of the first kitchen cabinet I see when I walk into my kitchen.


Patsy Burnette

Patsy Burnette, InstaEncouragements

My most actional tip for memorizing Scripture (which I believe is of the utmost importance!) is two-fold actually:

First, Scripture memory cards, which we sell a few of in our Etsy shop. I have these cards posted all over my home (the fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.) and even in my car.

The second is hearing the Word repetitively. An audio Bible app, like BibleGateway’s audio app, is great for this! We listen to songs over and over and memorize their lyrics, why not Scripture?


Miranda Rejoice

Miranda Rejoice

Thank you for thinking of me! I do a couple of things to memorize scripture. First, I read the verse a couple of times, then I’ll write it down on an index card.Finally, I’ll paraphrase it and apply it to certain life circumstances that are going on at the time. 

That being said, I realize you asked for my most actionable and that would be the act of writing the verse down on an index card to help with scripture memorization. Hope this helps!


Sarah Geringer

Sarah Geringer

When you write out a verse of Scripture, you have a 40 percent better chance at memorizing it. Start writing one verse per day, and you’ll have a treasure trove of memorized verses by the end of the year!


brittany boldly rise

Brittany, Boldly Rise

My most actionable bible scripture memorization tip is to write the verse down on a sticky note and place it somewhere that I see often (i.e. the bathroom mirror, the middle of the steering wheel, the front of a book I’m reading, next to my computer, etc.). I find that this helps people who are both visual and kinesthetic learners. Plus, writing things down helps our minds to remember it better than just looking at it.